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President's Message
I wanted to share with the membership some thoughts and impressions from the 94th Annual ICMA Conference in Richmond where over 3,200 local government professionals gathered to celebrate 100 years of city management. Yes, Stanton, Virginia piloted the idea before there was an Association. Read more
Nominations Being Accepted for 2009 ACMA Executive Board
In 2009, there will be three Full Member seats and one Associate Member seat open on the ACMA Board. Please review the following information carefully.

Nominating Committee
Per the ACMA by-laws, a Nominating Committee has been selected to recommend a slate of ACMA Executive Board members for consideration by the membership at the Annual Business Meeting. The 2009 Nominating Committee is composed of George Pettit, Gilbert; Pam Kavanaugh, Glendale; Gayle Mabery, Clarkdale; and Rachel Hut, Glendale. Read more
Award Nomination Forms for 2009 Now Available!
Nominations for the following awards are now being accepted; please select the link for more information:

John J. DeBolske Professional Excellence Award
Catherine F. Connolly Outstanding Assistant City/County Manager Award
Associate's Award for Excellence in Leadership
ACMA Life Membership

Award Nominations are due November 21st, 2008.

Select the above links to download the nomination forms. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ACMA.
New Feature: Newsletter Ethics Column -
Confidentiality and the Elected Official
Reprinted with permission from the August 2003 issue of Public Management (PM) magazine published by ICMA, the premier local government leadership and management organization, Washington, D.C.

Scenario: A councilmember drops by the city manager's office to ask him to read a statement that he, the councilmember, planned to read aloud at the council meeting. The statement was highly political, and the city manager suspected that it would offend some of the councilmember's colleagues. The manager offered some comments about the nature of the statement and suggested that the councilor think about what he was trying to accomplish. Read more
ICMA Conference a Valuable Experience for Scholarship Winners
William Emerson
I felt truly privileged to attend the ICMA Annual Conference in Richmond this September. I am deeply grateful to ACMA and ICMA for sponsoring my attendance.

There was a good cross-section of the profession, from credentialed managers with 35 years experience to students still pursuing their MPA's, from department directors thinking of making a change to freshman managers like me. In the presentations I attended, I also observed diversity among the presenters, including academics (like our own Dr. Svara), practitioners (like Eric Levitt and Cathy Gorham), and consultants (like Willdan, Granicus, and TischlerBise). Read more
Focus on Leadership: Leader Job #2: NAVIGATOR - Clarifying Purpose
By Kim McKinnon, PhD
Author's note: This is the third in a six-part series focusing on some of the latest things we know about effective leadership - recent research, best practices and a specific approach leaders can use to improve their own effectiveness.

When leadership guru Tom Peters shared the opinion a few years ago that, "We are in a brawl with NO RULES!" some thought he was exaggerating quite a bit. Today, Peter's description of a confusing state of world affairs seems to be quite accurate. At the time of this writing, dramatic fluctuations in the world's economic markets seem to be governed by - "no rules!" Further, other major challenges exist that weren't on the radar screen of any previous generation - global terrorism, constantly "improving" modes of communication, ethical disagreements about advances in health care and even arguments about the planet's ecosystem. Read more
Program Helps Pros Better Manage Water Resources
By Corey Schubert
ASU Ramsey Executive Education

Public managers who deal with water resources are becoming increasingly important as they make decisions that could impact communities for decades. That's why a new Certified Public Manager course in Arizona State University's Bob Ramsey Executive Education Program is teaching professionals how to ensure they're ready to address the important role water plays in Arizona. "Water is such a hot statewide issue. People keep saying water is the new gold, it's the new oil," says Catherine Eden, director of the program. "The baby boomer professionals came forward and said, 'We wish we had this when we started, but we want the new public managers to be ready.'" Read more
Member Profile: Rodney J. Ross
Government and Community Relations Administrator
Navajo County

Where are you originally from?
Proud West Mesa native.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in local government?
I grew up in a very politically polarized atmosphere and always felt that government would be more effective if it did a better job of communicating with those it serves. Read more
ACMA Members on the Move
Do you have a recent promotion or transition that you would like to announce? This new section of the newsletter recognizes members who have recently been promoted or have changed organizations. If you would like your name to be featured in this section of the newsletter, please contact Liisa Laikko at 602-258-5786 or email:
New members
Robert K. Bohr, Senior Management Assistant, City of Glendale
Brian Friedman, Interim Economic Development Director, City of Glendale
Jenna Goad, Intergovernmental Programs Coordinator, City of Glendale
Rob Millar, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, City of Scottsdale
Rodney Ross, Government and Community Relations Administrator, Navajo County

Terry Ellis, ACMA Retired Member
Vito Tedeschi, ACMA Retired Member

Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez, ASU, Andrews Scholar
ACMA Board of Directors
George Pettit
Town Manager
Town of Gilbert

Gayle Mabery
Immediate Past President
Town Manager
Town of Clarkdale

Gilbert Davidson
Town Manager
Town of Marana

Cynthia Seelhammer
Deputy City Manager
City of Phoenix

Andrea Costello
Associate Representative
Assistant to the City Manager
City of Sedona

Lloyd Harrell
ACMA/ICMA Range Rider
Retired City Manager
City of Chandler

Tom Belshe
Deputy Director
League of Arizona Cities and Towns
Pam Kavanaugh
Assistant City Manager
City of Glendale

David Andrews
Town Manager
Town of Oro Valley

James Jayne
County Manager
Navajo County

Jim Thompson
City Manager
City of Casa Grande

Rachel Hut
Associate Representative
Management Assistant II
City of Glendale

Mike Hutchinson
ACMA/ICMA Range Rider
Retired City Manager
City of Mesa
Arizona City/County Management Association
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