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ACMA Awards Harvard Scholarships
Thanks to the generous support of APS, Arizona Counties Insurance Pool and our other 2011 Harvard Sponsors, ACMA has awarded three scholarships to this year's Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program at Harvard University. After careful consideration of this year's applicants, the Harvard Scholarship Committee unanimously agreed to award this year's scholarships to: Julie Ayers, County Administrator for Yavapai County; Jim Thompson, City Manager, Casa Grande; and Jerene Watson, Town Manager, Oro Valley. Please help the Board in congratulating this year's recipients! Read more
ACMA and ICMA Partner to Offer Scholarship to ICMA Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ACMA and ICMA have partnered to offer two scholarships to the 97th Annual ICMA Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 18-21. The scholarship recipients will receive a complimentary conference registration from ICMA and ACMA will reimburse 75% of the recipient's travel expenses up to $1,000. Read more
Budgeting During the Return of Growth
By: Kevin Burke, City Manager, City of Flagstaff
ACMA Board Member

As the Great Recession continues to linger for yet another fiscal year, it's time to start thinking about recovery. Believe it or not, the hardest part is yet to come. Budgeting during a recovery can be pretty fierce.

In times of great growth, everyone is a winner in some capacity. They may complain that they did not get enough to meet the corresponding growth in service demands, but everyone was receiving additional resources to accomplish their mission. Everyone was a winner. Read more
Career Compass No. 17: The Subtle Art of Promoting Your Value
by Dr. Frank Benest
22 March 2011

You know you're great. Your Mom knows you're great. But how do you blow your own horn without making a lot of racket? It can be a fine line to tread, and a lot of people are uncomfortable and feel that 'bragging' isn't professional. Well, our Career Coach tells you how.

As a program manager, I work hard and contribute on several fronts to our department's success. However, I am often passed over for plum assignments that would get me some better visibility in the organization and help my efforts to advance. I don't like bragging about my abilities and accomplishments but I'm not getting noticed. What can I do? Read more
Ethics Feature: You're Naked, and Who Is Going to Tell You?
Reprinted with permission from the April 2011 issue of Public Management (PM) magazine published and copyrighted by ICMA (International County/City Management Association), Washington, D.C.

Your Personal Board of Directors Will

Chief executive officers (CEOs) of private and public organizations share a common and difficult leadership challenge: it's lonely at the top. There is only one "big cheese" with the leader's title and role of running the organization. Read more
Urban Land Institute to Host Real Estate Summit in Phoenix May 18 - 20
The 2011 ULI Real Estate Summit is being held this year in Phoenix on May 18th to 20th. ACMA members are invited to participate. On Friday May 20th, after the morning general session keynote by Dr. Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University, ULI will be holding the inaugural ULI Adapting Cities for the Future Summit, addressing those issues that cities are facing as they launch into the new realities created by the economic downturn. This will be a whole new way of doing business and public/private partnerships will be more critical than ever before. Read more
ACMA Members on the Move
Do you have a recent promotion or transition that you would like to announce? This section of the newsletter recognizes members who have recently been promoted or have recently transitioned. If you would like your name or that of a colleague to be featured in this section of the newsletter, please contact Mary Vinzant at 602-258-5786 or email:
ACMA Welcomes New Members
Christopher Ewell, Landscape Architect II, Phoenix
Brian Friedman, Director of Economic Development, Glendale

Ulises D. Velasco, Student, Arizona State University

ACMA Board of Directors
Gilbert Davidson
Town Manager
Town of Marana

James Jayne
Immediate Past President
County Manager
Navajo County

Kevin Burke
City Manager
City of Flagstaff

Carl Swenson
City Manager
City of Peoria

Rachel Hut
Associate Representative
Senior Management Assistant
City of Glendale

Lloyd Harrell
ACMA/ICMA Range Rider
Retired City Manager
City of Chandler

Tom Belshe
Deputy Director
League of Arizona Cities and Towns
John Kross
Town Manager
Town of Queen Creek

Julie Ayers
County Administrator
Yavapai County

Robert Flatley
City Manager
City of Coolidge

Jim Thompson
City Manager
City of Casa Grande

Joshua Wright
Associate Representative
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Town of Marana

Mike Hutchinson
ACMA/ICMA Range Rider
Retired City Manager
City of Mesa
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