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ICMA's 98th Annual Conference - Building Community: Rising to Seize the Opportunities
Registration to the International City/County Management Association's 98th Annual Conference is now open! ICMA invites you to attend the 98th Annual Conference at the Phoenix Convention Center for four days of packed information and solutions you can bring back to your entire team. The conference will offer nearly 50 educational sessions, a variety of skill-building workshops, special sessions and forums, led by leaders in the field on important topics including shared and regional service delivery approaches and alternative business models, building communities online, managing employee benefits, finding pathways from polarization to civility, and more. Read more
ICMA 2012 Volunteers
With the ICMA 2012 Conference now just four months away, the Host Committee is actively recruiting volunteers. If you are interested in signing up, you may fill out the application below or please contact Cynthia Aguilar at for more information.

Point your browser here to view the volunteer brochure.
Point your browser here to fill out the volunteer application.
Speed Coaching at ICMA 2012
By Frank Benest

Emerging leaders and senior managers are encouraged to participate in the Speed Coaching event to be held on the Sunday morning of the ICMA conference on October 7, starting at approximately 10 a.m. in the Phoenix Convention Center. Speed Coaching is a quick-paced, high-energy and low-risk way of networking with senior professionals and gaining valuable career advice. Emerging leaders who would like to be coached or senior managers who wish to serve as coaches should register for the event as part of the online conference registration process. Senior managers who wish to coach as part of the speed coaching event should notify Frank Benest at
Credentialing Defined
By Robert Flatley, ACMA President-Elect

Who is a Credentialed Manager? According to the dictionary, credentialing is that which entitles one to confidence, credit and authority. Many professions rely on credentialing, especially the medical profession, lawyers and building trade officials.

As a Credentialed Manager, elected officials recognize you as a professional manager qualified by a combination of education and experience, adherence to high standards of integrity, and a passionate commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. It is very difficult to come up with new, creative ideas that move a community forward if you are not passionate about the profession. And, when you have passion, you speak with conviction, act with authority and manage with enthusiasm. Read more
Arizona Members to Receive ICMA Credentialed Manager Status
The following members have been recommended by the Credentialing Advisory Board to receive ICMA Credentialed Manager status in July 2012.

Dana P. Hlavac, Mohave County
L. K. (Kelly) Udall, Town of Pinetop-Lakeside

ICMA Credentialed Managers are professional local government managers qualified by a combination of education and experience, adherence to high standards of integrity, and an assessed commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. To learn more, point your browser here.
Andrews Program Partnership Report
By George Pettit, ASU Professor, Andrews Fellow Coordinator and ACMA Life Member

The Marvin Andrews Fellowship in Urban Management added three alumni with ASU's graduation May 5, 2012. Chase Carlile, Caitlyn Mitchell and Israel Murguia all received their master's degrees in public administration. Trey Williams, the fourth 2010 Marvin, accepted employment with the Arizona Association of Counties as Legislative Liaison during his last semester, and plans to finish his academic requirements in the fall of 2012. Read more
ACMA Member Survey
By Robert Flatley, ACMA President-Elect

As one can see by the survey questions asked, the ACMA Board of Directors is requesting feedback on how the organization can better serve you. Please give your honest opinion when answering these questions. You will remain anonymous.

Surveys are one of the most common methods of social research as they are not only convenient but give immediate information. They are useful in data collections, evaluation and research. Read more
Career Compass #25
by Dr. Frank Benest
11 May 2012

I am a younger supervisor in the Building Department. Recently I presented a proposal to change the way we do business, better serve the development community, and generate revenue at the same time. Some colleagues who didn't want to see the change lobbied against my idea behind closed doors with the Chief Building Official. Some deal was made that resulted in a cosmetic change in procedures, but nothing substantive. My proposal was quickly shot down.

Organizational politics got in the way of a needed improvement (not to mention morale). I hate politics and game-playing--I don't play favorites or trade favors. How can I be more successful and avoid these tactics?

I can understand your frustration but organizational politics will never disappear. They are a part of organizational life. To think otherwise is magical thinking. Read more
ACMA Members on the Move
Do you have a recent promotion or transition that you would like to announce? This section of the newsletter recognizes members who have recently been promoted or have changed organizations. If you would like your name to be featured in this section of the newsletter, please contact Mary Vinzant at 602-258-5786 or email:
ACMA Welcomes New Members
Full Member
Danielle Casey, Assistant City Manager, City of Maricopa
ACMA Board of Directors
John Kross
Town Manager
Town of Queen Creek

Gilbert Davidson
Immediate Past President
Town Manager
Town of Marana

Kari Kent
Deputy City Manager
City of Mesa

Jim Thompson
City Manager
City of Casa Grande

Kathleen McAlpine
Associate Representative
Guest Experience Manager
Phoenix Convention Center

Mike Hutchinson
ACMA/ICMA Range Rider
Retired City Manager
City of Mesa
Robert Flatley
City Manager
City of Coolidge

Kevin Burke
City Manager
City of Flagstaff

Carl Swenson
City Manager
City of Peoria

Rachel Bremen
Associate Representative
Senior Management Assistant
City of Glendale

Lloyd Harrell
ACMA/ICMA Range Rider
Retired City Manager
City of Chandler

Tom Belshe
Deputy Director
League of Arizona Cities and Towns
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