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ACMA Summer Conference 2012
By: Dawn Irvine, Planning Committee Chair

Innovation and Inspiration to Transform Arizona's Communities

ICMA PM magazine recently published an article entitled Too Little Time to Wear All Those Hats, (May 2012.) While the article focused on the multi-faceted approach required of managers of small communities, these days, managers of all-sized communities find themselves and their staff members creating innovative approaches to public service. Throughout Arizona, county and municipal staff continues to demonstrate collaboration, creativity, flexibility, dedication, and passion for service. Read more
ACMA Winter Conference 2013 - Join the Planning Committee!
February 6-8, 2013

Save the date and plan to come to Sedona for what will be a great meeting being planned by the Winter Conference Planning Committee, chaired by Kari Kent of the city of Mesa. Contact Kari Kent or Mary Vinzant if you are interested in being a part of the planning for this important event.

Information on the 2013 Life Member, DeBolske, Connolly and Associate's Award nominations will be sent out in September.
Harvard Program Offers Valuable Experience
By 2012 ACMA Scholarship Recipients: Dana Hlavac and Susan Thorpe

Dana Hlavac
I am honored to have been able to attend the Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Senior Executive in State and Local Government Program this past July through an ACMA scholarship. I initially expected that I would receive all of the great secrets to being a government executive from professors at Harvard. With several hundred pages of reading and studying over the three-week course, it only seemed fair that I would return with a new depth of technical knowledge. Instead, what I learned was that while there was plenty of technical knowledge to be absorbed, there was a strong focus on the role that each of us has as a government executive. Often within the sometimes-amorphous structure of our government, the answers are not clear. In those circumstances, there is a critical necessity that we have leaders who understand the proper role of government as the holder of the public trust as embodied in public funds. Read more
ICMA's 98th Annual Conference - Building Community: Rising to Seize the Opportunities
October 7-10, 2012
Phoenix Convention Center

The ICMA 2012 Conference is now less than two months away! See the links below to register and be sure to check out the Arizona-specific events included in the articles below.

To register for the conference, point your browser here.
For more information on conference housing, click here.
To view the preliminary program, point your browser here.

If you have any questions on conference registration or housing, please contact ICMA staff at
ICMA 2012 Volunteers
With the ICMA 2012 Conference less than two months away, the Host Committee is actively recruiting volunteers. If you are interested in signing up, you may fill out the application below or please contact Cynthia Aguilar at for more information. Read more
Events for Arizona Delegates during ICMA Conference
There are a variety of events available to ACMA members and Arizona delegates during the ICMA 2012 conference. Please see below for a list of events that may be of interest.

ACMA Private Reception at ICMA
Please join ACMA in a private reception at Brick Pizzeria & Wine Bar in downtown Phoenix. For further details and to register for this reception, point your browser here.
Date: Monday, October 8
Time: 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Cost: $25 per person
Location: Brick Pizzeria & Wine Bar (located in the Arizona center next to the ACMA theaters)
455 N. Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Read more
Host Committee Lounge
Host Committee looking for giveaways!

The Host Committee is looking for giveaways from cities, towns and counties to provide to attendees at the Host Committee Lounge. If you are interested in donating any items that promote your city, town or county, please contact Amy Price at by Friday, September 21.
Speed Coaching at ICMA 2012
By Frank Benest

Emerging leaders and senior managers are encouraged to participate in the Speed Coaching event to be held on the Sunday morning of the ICMA conference on October 7, starting at approximately 10 a.m. in the Phoenix Convention Center. Speed Coaching is a quick-paced, high-energy and low-risk way of networking with senior professionals and gaining valuable career advice. Emerging leaders who would like to be coached or senior managers who wish to serve as coaches should register for the event as part of the online conference registration process. Senior managers who wish to coach as part of the speed coaching event should notify Frank Benest at
ICMA International Committee Visits Japan
In April 2012 Cynthia Seelhammer and Terry Zerkle, both members of ACMA and of ICMA's International Committee, visited Japan. They had the privilege of participating in that trip, while meeting with local government officials there, and experiencing the exceptional hospitality of the Japanese hosts. The official part of their visit included meetings with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR), National Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, officials in Miyagi Prefecture where last year's tsunami reaped such devastation, and the Executive Director of Sendai City Airport which was inundated by debris and floodwater from the tsunami.

To read about ICMA's International Committee visit to Japan, point your browser here.
ICMA Credentialed Managers
In July 2012, the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Executive Board approved Mohave County Deputy Manager Dana Hlavac and Pinetop-Lakeside Town Manager Kelly Udall's recommendation from the Credentialing Advisory Board as ICMA Credentialed Managers. Point your browser here to read more in the Mohave Daily News on Dana Hlavac's recognition.

To view the full list of ICMA Credentialed Managers in Arizona, point your browser here.
Career Compass #26: The Art of the Interview
by Dr. Frank Benest
9 July 2012

I am looking to advance in my local government career and have been applying for mid-manager positions for which I qualify in other local government agencies in my state. I have seven years of solid experience and my resume has gotten me screened into several interviews. However, I have not done well in the initial interviews and therefore have not been called back for any final interviews with the manager doing the hiring. Do you have some suggestions on how I can improve my interview skills?

Many professionals do not perform well in an interview. Some common mistakes include:
  • A lack of apparent knowledge about the requirements or demands of the position
  • Talking on and on
  • Not providing concrete examples
  • Nervousness
  • Telling jokes
  • Appearing "cold"
The good news is that you seem to have the appropriate experience, your resume adequately reflects your background, and you have been selected for the initial interviews. Resume writing is an art (see Career Compass No. 11: Frank's Rules for Resume Writing) and so is interviewing. Read more
ACMA Members on the Move
Do you have a recent promotion or transition that you would like to announce? This section of the newsletter recognizes members who have recently been promoted or have changed organizations. If you would like your name to be featured in this section of the newsletter, please contact Amy Price at 602-258-5786 or email:
ACMA Welcomes New Members
Full Member
Ken Buchanan, Town Manager, Town of Fountain Hills
Karen Daines, Assistant City Manager, City of Sedona
Yvonne Kimball, Town Manager, Town of Dewey-Humboldt
John Schempf, Town Manager, Town of Clifton
Robert Smith, Town Manager, Town of Chino Valley

Associate Members
Zenia Cornejo, Management Assistant, City of Eloy
Chris Corneslison, Management Assistant, Town of Oro Valley
Samuel Feldman, Management Assistant II, City of Phoenix
Melissa Hoffman, Management Intern, City of Phoenix
Amanda Jones, Management Assistant, Town of Marana
ACMA Board of Directors
John Kross
Town Manager
Town of Queen Creek

Gilbert Davidson
Immediate Past President
Town Manager
Town of Marana

Kari Kent
Deputy City Manager
City of Mesa

Carl Swenson
City Manager
City of Peoria

Rachel Bremen
Associate Representative
Senior Management Assistant
City of Glendale

Lloyd Harrell
ACMA/ICMA Range Rider
Retired City Manager
City of Chandler

Tom Belshe
Deputy Director
League of Arizona Cities and Towns
Robert Flatley
City Manager
City of Coolidge

Kevin Burke
City Manager
City of Flagstaff

Mike Ortega
County Administrator
Cochise County

Jim Thompson
City Manager
City of Casa Grande

Kathleen McAlpine
Associate Representative
Guest Experience Manager
Phoenix Convention Center

Mike Hutchinson
ACMA/ICMA Range Rider
Retired City Manager
City of Mesa
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