Through the support of ICMA, ACMA strives to promote an ethical culture in local government. Since the development of the ICMA Code of Ethics in 1924, the organization has built an extensive collection of advice on ethics issues, case studies and model local government documents. This knowledge base has been translated into training courses, consulting services, ethics textbooks and other educational publications designed to further the organization’s mission throughout the world. Promoting an ethical culture is a key leadership responsibility. Equity, transparency, honor, integrity, commitment and stewardship are standards for excellence in democratic local governance. ICMA promotes ethical conduct through its Code of Ethics, training for local governments, publications on ethics issues, technical assistance and current issues and advice to members. For more information about ICMA’s Code of Ethics, its guidelines and enforcement process and current issues and advice facing local government professionals, visit the Ethics Program section of

ACMA offers ethics training at least once a year at either the winter or summer conference. Through ICMA and other state affiliate groups, ACMA members have the opportunity to take advantage of online ethics courses.

ICMA Ethics Training

Ethics 101: Online Ethics Training for Local Government Staff

Texas City Management Association (TCMA) Ethics Course
This course was developed by the TCMA Ethics Committee and addresses the major points of the TCMA Code of Ethics.

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