When a full member of ACMA is fired, forced to resign or otherwise involuntarily separated from local government service as a manager/administrator or senior staff member, ACMA provides an array of personal and financial support. Along with the benefits below, ACMA Senior Advisors Mike Letcher, Pat McDermott and Susan Thorpe also act as first responders when ACMA finds out a member has been forced to resign. The Senior Advisors will contact the member and inform him/her about ACMA’s in-transition services. The following services are available to Active members in-transition.

  • One year of complimentary Active membership dues
  • One complimentary registration to a summer and winter conference
  • The opportunity to print contact information in the ACMA newsletter
  • A library of publications that include the most recent issues of the ICMA newsletter and the Public Sector Job Bulletin
  • The Senior Advisor and League staff will also work to find the member temporary assignments

Cities, towns and counties in Arizona may also call upon managers in-transition to assist their organization with specific short term projects. The project may entail doing a specific report, analysis or some other staff related task that their organization may not have time to do. Please note that this would be different from an interim position. If you need assistance from a manager in-transition on a specific project please visit the ACMA website. You will be able to view members in-transition on the ACMA member site – member directory.


Important for Managers In-Transition: You will need to log into the ‘Member’ section and edit your profile. In your profile you must change your membership status to ‘Member In-Transition’.

Resources for Managers and Managers in Transition

ACMA, through ICMA provides resources to assist managers and managers-in-transition. Below are links to flyers providing more information.

Manager-In-Transition Flyer
Describes the benefits available to MITs once they are enrolled in ICMA’s MIT Program.

Reputation Management Services brochureDescribes the reputation management services available to all members but also shows the MIT subsidy for each plan.

Equilibrium FlyerDescribes a new benefit: a service that offers help with both personal and work-related issues. This is only for City Managers and Assistant City Managers.ICMA Member in Transition GuideProduced by our recent MIT Task Force – described as a “guide to a career that has ups, downs, and detours” – not only provides very helpful information on weathering transition but it also covers how a member can be better prepared for and maybe even prevent transition. Remember, as an ACMA member, you can always contact the ACMA Senior Advisors:Mike Pat Susan

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