This photograph was taken at an Arizona City Manager’s meeting in 1963. The title and employer listed for each individual corresponds to the position held at the time the photograph was taken.

  1. Leo Rosbach, City Manager, Eloy
  2. Tim Smithson, Holbrook
  3. Reuben Stifel, Wickenburg
  4. Joe Acevedo, City Manager, Avondale
  5. Bob Briscoe, City Manager Coolidge
  6. Glenwood Wilson, City Manager, Chandler
  7. Mark Keane, City Manager, Tucson
  8. Jim Petrie, City Manager, Mesa
  9. Ed Pederson, City Manager, Casa Grande
  10. Lou Cooper, Tempe
  11. Charles Esser, Assistant City Manager, Phoenix
  12. Art Bunger, City Manager, Prescott
  13. Ellis Foote, Town Manager, Hayden
  14. Stanley Van de Putte, City Manager, Glendale
  15. Sam Vickers, City Manager, Phoenix

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