Rules of Procedure

In February 2003, the membership of ACMA voted to adopt the ICMA Code of Ethics by reference through a set of Rules of Procedure. The ACMA Rules of Procedure shall enforce the ICMA Code of Ethics and applies specifically to members of ACMA who are not ICMA members. The purpose of these rules is to provide a reasonable process for investigation and determination of violations of the ICMA Code of Ethics with a fair opportunity for individual response. It is the intention of the ACMA membership that these rules be carried out carefully and expeditiously in order to minimize the time during which a member may be subject to possible disciplinary action while ensuring the fairness of the process.

View the ACMA Rules of Procedure (.pdf)

ICMA Code of Ethics

View the ICMA Code of Ethics

Membership Process

The ICMA Code of Ethics are enforced through the ACMA membership application process.

Committee on Professional Conduct (CPC)


Responsible for assisting the Board in implementing the Code of Ethics and Rules of Procedure. In tandem with the President and Board of Directors, the CPC is responsible for publicizing and promoting the Code of Ethics with the membership, elected officials and the general public. The CPC is also responsible for conducting investigations and preparing written findings of fact, which are sent to the President and the respondent. The CPC may recommend that disciplinary action be considered but it may not recommend a specific sanction.


The ACMA Board of Directors selects the chair of the CPC. The chair selects membership on the committee, with appropriate guidance from the Officers.


This committee was created in February 2003.


George Pettit – CPC Chair, Life Member, ACMA
Mike Hutchinson – Life Member, ACMA
Pat McDermott – Life Member, ACMA
Chuck Potucek – Retired City Manager, Sierra Vista
Shane Dille – Town Manager, Sahuarita

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